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WKP Audio Projects

As we all learned during the COVID-19 pandemic, theatre art doesn't have to exist in-person, and Shakespeare can be appreciated off the stage, too! Please enjoy a collection of audio projects we've been developing since 2020. 

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The Bardcast Weekly
with Will Kempe's Players

Will Kempe's Players takes you on a weekly journey through monologues, catches, or any of the other trappings of a play, and then sparks an in-depth discussion on that content. Every week we'll invite an Original-Practices-trained Shakespearean performer to be our guest and break down the best the Bard has to offer. Our first season was borne of the pandemic, with more content coming soon!

Hosts: Phil Beattie and Shae Fitzgerald (and Robert Johnson in S1)
Post Production: Lore Poe, Ragliacci, Robert Johnson

Visit us on our site for more info, updates, and connections to all the places you can listen!

Will Kempe's Players ACC.png

A Christmas Carol:
a Radio Play

Our one-hour jaunt through a piece of classic literature will send listeners on a welcome journey of self-discovery, along with a whimsical sense of playfulness that will put even the Scroogiest of us all in a lighter holiday spirit.

Adapted for audio production by Senior Company Member Shane Sczepankowski, we developed this piece in the winter of 2020. It has aired on multiple Capital Region radio stations during the holiday seasons of 2020 and 2021, with hopefully many more years of enjoyment in store. 

Thanks to the Sanctuary for Independent Media for this bandcamp stream!

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